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  • Beretta France

    Manufacturer of gun, rifle and bow for sporting and hunting
    Beretta, partner of big names from the armory since 1932 is the exclusive distributor of Beretta weapons, Benelli , Franchi , Uberti , Stoeger , Sako , Tikka
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  • CPSA The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

    Leagues and Federations
    The CPSA is the National Governing body for Clay Target Shooting in England. Based at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, Woking, Surrey, we operate from a small headquarters and employ 12 people directly and work alongside several industry specialist consultants. The remit of the CPSA is to manage the sport of Clay Target Shooting for its approximately 25,000 members and the 400 clubs and grounds affiliated or associated with us.

    There are also approximately 200 Trade Members associated with the CPSA who believe that being part of the association can be mutually advantageous. The CPSA offer support to its members in various ways: The opportunity to shoot in registered competitions, both at a Regional and National level The opportunity to be selected for the England Team Shooting events and also GB Team events through British Shooting (BICTSF) The ability to obtain a shooting classification (a bit like a golf handicap), based on your scores at registered shoots A £10 million pound civil liability insurance, covering not only clay shooting, but all game, rough, rifle, pistol shooting and angling.
    A £30,000 personal injury insurance, covering all the above sports Public liability insurance (for CPSA qualified coaches and instructors) The publication of Pull! magazine, a members' association publication issued 10 times a year We support clay target shooting enthusiasts across the UK.

    As an association we promote the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our sport. Open to all who want to learn, develop or use their skills to compete at every level; our members are backed by over 140 years of unrivalled understanding and expertise. They know we share their passion. They know we act in their best interests.

    They know we are dedicated to protecting and enhancing clay target shooting. As the National Governing Body we have vision, resources and commitment to develop the sport and through our understanding of today's clay shooting needs, we are uniquely placed to guard, nurture and shape its future.

    We want you to be a part of us and be part of the future of our sport.

    Clay Target Shooting is a sport for everyone. If you shoot, you should be a member of the CPSA.


    ESP     8 April             Premier League           EJ Churchill
    ESK     8-9 April          Eng Team Sel Shoot   CSC
    ABT     8-9 April          Eng Team Sel Shoot   CTC
    DTL     29-30 April      Eng team Sel Shoot    Beverley CTC
    ESP     27-30 April      WESP                           San Antonio
    DTL     7 May              EO & BO                       Nottingham
    ESP     10-14 May       EO ESP                        Highwayans
    ABT    13-14 May        EO ABT                        NCSC

    Phone+44 1483 485400
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  • Laporte Trap and Clay Shooting

    Manufacturer of launchers for sporting clays
    Strong with over 80 years experience, 6 Olympic selections and 2500 customers on five continents including the English Royal Family, the Laporte name is an integral part of the history of clay pigeon shooting. It continues today to expand and will continue tomorrow through the force of the fourth generation with Frederic and Thomas Laporte who have inherited the same passion and the same taste for innovation and performance that has animated the company since its inception in 1927.
    Find our last innnovations here : Laporte Innovation

    Phone+33 4 93 65 77 77
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  • Browning Europe

    Manufacturer of gun, rifle and bow for sporting and hunting
    Since 1897, the date of birth of the first Browning gun, millions, even tens of millions of guns and hunting or shooting were created and signed by Browning. The inventor of the semi-automatic rifle, the shotgun, the semi-automatic rifle and lately superimposed with the lowest tilt and the fastest firing market has marked the history of the armory with all profusion of different models, but whose common point is their reliability and performance level unsurpassed. Every day around the world, Browning guns, old and new, smooth or rifled, perform, shooting or hunting, to the delight of the owner. Shooters, hunters, collectors tap into these fascinating objects manufactured a renewed pleasure . Between arms brands, such as those between watches or automobiles, there are some whose story involved the reputation of the industry. Browning, for example .
    Phone+32 430037226

  • Fédération Française de Ball Trap - FFBT

    Leagues and Federations

    Women and men passionate about sports use Arms and Hunting, for most of us, for hunting. Indeed, we want to shotgun the satisfaction and pleasure he has given us is the hunting plan or the athletically. Hunting and sport shooting crossed millennia. We are the heirs of one of the oldest traditions: hunting and address. We are the descendants of these hunters represented by cave paintings.


    This is the Comte Justinian CLARY who was the founder in 1925 of the French Shooting Federation for Hunting Weapons which also consisted of target shooting. This has become more important, the federation became the French Shooting Federation. In 1985, the skeet shooting section found its origins in reverting FRENCH FEDERATION-BALL AND TRAP SHOOTING BALL.


    Although clay pigeon shooting is a sport in itself, it is far from being recognized as it should. The use of firearms makes, as well as hunting, sometimes unpopular. But these negative effects are quickly forgotten thanks to the results of our athletes. YES, CLAY SHOOTING IS PRIMARILY A SPORT If three Olympic disciplines, other disciplines allow diversity.
    That may be why the tank of our athletes, the number and quality of clubs are also impressive. One thing we lack: a larger MEDIATISATION this sport that requires, among other things, address, tenacity, training, fair play, a rigorous life to achieve a perfect score, but gives so much satisfaction when you get to surpass oneself.

    YES, we lack the MEDIATISATION and therefore also the COMMUNICATION: allow us to express ourselves and explain to share and communicate our passion. It is a sport that many discover for some time and is now taking a boom. Hopefully we will, in future, continue on this path. In permanent settlements, the quality, the competence of the home and the availability of instructors (some clubs) allow to quickly acquire the necessary safety regulations, technical, demystification of the weapon and what sport, in a spirit of friendliness and friendship. More than 600 clubs can accommodate you. You can find their contact details below.

    1 et 2 Avril    1ère séléction nationale           PC       Sologne Shooting Club
    8 et 9 Avril    Pré-Séléctions                          FU
    15 et 16 Avril  Sélection nationale                 FU       Club BT AMBESIEN
    29 et 30 Avril  2ème Sélection Nat                CS       BTC LA CERISAILLE

    11 au 14 Mai  Championnat d'Europe            CS       BYDGISZCZ
    12 au 14 Mai  Séléction nationale                  FU       BTC PIERREFEU
    25 au 26 Mai  Grand Prix FITASC                  PC       BTC DE SIGNES
    27 au 28 Mai  Grand Prix FITASC                  CS       BTC DE SIGNES
    26 au 28 Mai  Séléction nationale                  DTL     TIREURS POMPIEY - PAYS ALBRET

    3 et 4 Juin      Championnat de ligue             FU
    8 au 11 Juin   Championnat d'Europe           PC       LULWOTH ESTATE DORSET
    18 au 18 Juin Championnat d'Europe           FU       LONATO
    17 et 18 Juin  Championnat de ligue             PC
    24 et 25 Juin  Championnat de ligue             DTL

    Phone+33 1 41 41 05 05
    Fax+33 1 41 41 00 20


    Leagues and Federations
    NSCA is the largest Sporting Clays association in the world and the governing body for the sport in the U.S. NSCA has over 22,000 members in all 50 US states and 10 foreign countries. More than 600 member clubs serve members and host both registered and recreational shoots. The National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) is the world's largest organization dedicated to the sport of Skeet Shooting. Skeet is a safe, wholesome sport that can provide fun and fellowship for a lifetime.
    Phone+1 210-688-3371

  • Communication


    Press and media
    Launched on the Glorious 12th August 2009, Fieldsports Channel has grown to be the top providers of hunting, shooting and fishing audiences in the world. From its weekly flagship show Fieldsports Britain on YouTube, via specialist programmes such as AirHeads for airgunners and Claysports for clayshooters, it reaches millions of hunting enthusiasts across the world. Our Shows Field Sports Britain: The best hunting and shooting in a weekly show Our Airgun show, The world of UK clayshooting, Schools Challenge TV Fishing Britain All about angling, African BBQ Hunter South African outdoor cook and hunter, Dewald Visser, travels the globe in search of ?wild meat?. Headhunter Chronicles Headhunter Chronicles is a series focused on the pursuit of all huntable animals worldwide by renowned big game hunter, Jason Bruc
    Phone+44 7718 126762

  • Shooting Blog

  • Le Ball-Trap.fr

    Project community
    Passionnés de Ball Trap, vous trouverez sur ce site des informations sur la fosse olympique (FO), la fosse universelle (FU), et le skeet olympique (SK) en France et à l?étranger.Ex-webmaster du site du Ball Trap Club Jurassien, membre du BTC Jurassien depuis 1995, la passion du Ball Trap et surtout de la FO ne me quitte plus depuis mes 16 ans. Ce site vit aussi grâce à la participation de nombreux et précieux informateurs qui m?envoient photos, résultats, dates de concours? et sur qui je compte toujours pour la suite de l?aventure. Sébastien Royer
    Phone+33 6 80 56 81 10