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  • La Charte des Utilisateurs Weshoot

    Donner de véritables informations
    Je complèterai mon profil avec mon vrai prénom et une vraie photo. Je publierai uniquement des contenus vérifiés.

    Privilégier l’esprit sportif
    Je respecterai les codes en usage dans nos disciplines tels que décrits par nos fédérations et j'adopterai les valeurs de WeShoot : tolérance, respect, partage et convivialité.

    Être exemplaire
    Je serai toujours courtois et respectueux dans mes propos et mes contenus médias. Je ne publierai aucun contenu qui pourrait être choquant, blessant ou privilégiant des comportements inappropriés et ne dénigrerai personne. Je signalerai tout contenu qui ne respecterait pas la présente charte.

    Être prévenant et accueillant
    Je serai sensible aux attentes des autres membres, en encourageant les débutants à persévérer et respecterai les champions qui manqueraient de disponibilité.

    Laisser des commentaires honnêtes
    Je laisserai des commentaires honnêtes, justes et polis envers les autres membres.

    Partager notre passion
    Je ferai connaître Weshoot à mes amis, y compris sur Facebook pour ensemble, faire aimer notre sport par le Grand Public.

    Je profiterai au maximum de mon sport et je ferai en sorte que les autres l'apprécient aussi !

Welcome on WeShoot - Your First Steps...

  • Search your Shooting/ground/club, a Shooter, an affiliated or a Pro

    To find and follow your club, a shooter, your arms manufacturer or supplier, or your favorite among the Pros, enter its name in the box at the top of the main menu above Partner's branding.
    Noticeto access the main menu from another page, just click on the 3 red horizontal lines at the top left

  • Follow Shooters, Pro Page, Event, a Pro…

    A link on each Profile, ProPage, Event Page or RSS Media Feed is provided to follow the "News". Their content will be displayed on your main newsfeeds  automatically. You may Like and Comment articles...

    The more you follow the more you get usefull content.

  • Share your passion

    On your own profile, post an article, a picture or a link to a video using the red icon in the top right when it appears (a pencil in a square)
    Your followers will be immediately informed and able to react.
    Like and comment on articles or pictures of Profiles, Pages Pro or events you follow.
    Share content with one click on Facebook, Twitter or using Text Messaging or eMail using the icon at the top right or bottom items pictures. (three dots linked together)
    Add your own content (text or image taken from life or from the library of your smartphone) to a page dedicated to an event using the icon in the top right when it appears (a pencil in a square)
    Use the menu button to Recommend WeShoot to friends or relations, on Facebook, Twitter or even by SMS from your smart phone or eMail.

  • Get more news from your favorite magazine

    Get on your news feed articles from your favorite magazines.
    Click the "MAGAZINES ONLINE" menu
    Select a magazine and follow it to also receive his articles in your news feed.
    NB: If you do not follow any profile pro page, event or media stream, you will see only the content offered by our community manager still to listen to your suggestions.

  • Introduce yourself to get more friends

    To enlarge your circle of friends, complete your profile information to be found and followed by other shooters.
    Use the SETTINGS button on your profile
    -> Add a profile photo
    -> Introduce yourself in a few sentences stating the name of your club .
    -> Indicate if you agree to be contacted by Chat .
    -> Share the disciplines you practice


Basics features


    Every post, article or picture created by a member or a Pro Page is available on his own NEWSFEED or WALL. The last post is on the top of the list.
    You can access someone else content by serching his name in the search box on the top of the main menu. If you wish to receive his content in your own Newsfeed and to be notified you have to follow his profile or page.


    A PROFILE is an individual page that allows a member to share its "news feed".
    Tip: You access your own profile by clicking on MY SPACE in the menu or using the red circled icon on the top right of most screens then select MY PROFILE NEWS & SETTINGS

  • The PRO PAGE

    PRO PAGE is managed by a member who has obtained the management with WeShoot. (request using menu on your profile or by mail info@weshootapp.com )
    It offers a lot of services and may be:
    A club or association,
    a federation
    a gunsmith
    a supplier
    or a Professional Shooter

    You may contact the ProPage Owner by phone or mail (if provided) and geolocate the main HQ. You may also like and comment articles and follow its events… Of course you can choose to be notified when a news is available.

  • "The PROS" Pages

    Because the great shooters are often EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW they have a page devoted to each of them.
    Support them, encourage them by following the comments and learn of their shares, photos, diaries, of course results but also tips and videos ...
    The Champion Page is accessible from the right tab on the main newsfeed.

    Sometimes you will find HOPES pushed by veterans. In a beautiful spirit of transmission, support them too!


    This is a page dedicated entirely to an event of any kind.
    It can be created by the manager of Pro Page or our "Community Manager"
    WeShoot you are led directly using the GPS built into your smartphone.
    It provides useful information on the event.
    His news feed allows organizers and all participants to post their articles and photos taken with their Smartphone for example


  • What the WeShoot App is used for?

    WESHOOT is more than an usual application. It is a free real Social Network running like the most famous of social network but it is exclusively dedicated to shooting sport (Clay Shooting, Hunting and Archery). Sharing our passion actually wealth
    LAPORTE group with its partners, invests around the world forover 50 years in order to:
    - Contribute to promote our sport.
    - Showcase our federations and their objectives
    - Assist clubs to grow
    - Inform shooters wherever they are
    Weshoot is based on a technology whose development amounts to nearly a half million Euros. It is available in web and mobile version (www.weshootapp.com)
    (further details in OUR SPORT menu)

  • How can I change my information?

    On your page, you can edit your information by clicking on the parameters button then "Edit my profile"

  • How can I write a post ?

    Click on this red icon (a pencil in a cube) when it appears in the upper right corner of a page. Then you can choose to post a "Statut" which is a text with a possible picture.
    You can also post a picture taken with your Smartphone or already in your phone's library.

  • How can I find a user in my neighborhood?

    The community icon in the main menu will redirect you to a map where all shooting ranges, dealers, partners and federation registered on WeShoot are displayed. Using the categories filter you can focus your search with more accuracy.
    The Events tab is linked to a map displaying only the events including those created by Pro Pages Owners

  • How can I follow a flow of news from a user?

    Click on this icon to subsribe his flow of news.
    This user will be listed in the Follows icon of your personnal page and his flow will now appear in the Home page flow of news.

  • How can I contact a user?

    If it's a Pro Page, you have all the details to contact the owner including email or direct call.
    If it's a individual profile with activated chat option, you can click on this icon to open a private conversation with him.