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  • The story of Zoli family is closely linked to that of the Val Trompia and its gunsmithing tradition. Records show that family 's ancestors were making turntables in 1490 and complete weapons shortly after . Giovanni Zoli signed a flintlock pistol around 1850, piously preserved in the private collection of the family. With this new range that Zoli enters the new millennium and the home of our new and old customers showed that we had hit the mark. Most traditional machines have been replaced by CNC machining centers most advanced leaving more time and freedom to our master gunsmiths for finishing. After 60 years of existence, Zoli is known as one of the few companies able to offer a wide range of high quality products designed, developed and produced mainly internally.
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    • #Repost @edgarbrothers
      The finest Turkish walnut and almost full coverage deep scroll engraving make the @zoliofficial Z-Extra a sight for sore eyes. We're reliably informed from the field that it shoots beautifully too!
      #gunmaking #zoli #zextra #shotgun #fieldsports #EdgarBrothersBrand See more on line
    • SKEET: Wales' Ben Llewellin takes GOLD & England's Jack Fairclough takes SILVER at the Commonwealth Games Test Event in Australia! Amazing result!‬ ‪After setting a joint World Record of 59 ex 60 last week at the World Cup Final, Ben equalled it once again in Aus! Bravo Ben! See more on line
    • Another fantastic result from New Zealand! Zoli shooter Colin Heard scores 100/100's in Skeet three times in a row. Congratulations Colin! This trophy is from Rotorua Rod and Gun Club, NZ for 200/200 on the weekend. Bravo Colin! See more on line